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​Our beef is sourced from Aberdeen Angus and other British origin carcass breeds that have been naturally reared  along the lush Argentine Pampas. Due to its humidity, temperate climate, and rich, deep soil, the Pampas ecosystem is one of the richest grazing areas in the world. The grasslands provide the perfect feeding ground for cattle who roam significant distances to feed on several types of grass and other natural forage.

Our kitchens are equipped with a bespoke ‘V-Bar’ grill designed by legendary Argentine Master Griller, Daniel Veron. The minimum contact design of the grill means that an even heat temperature is distributed along the steak searing the outside whilst retaining the essential juices.

And finally with decades of experience between them in the art of ‘Parilla’, we have our grillers. Having worked under the tutelage of Daniel Veron, our grillers have gone through rigorous years of training in numerous steak restaurants. Over time they have mastered the techniques of cleaning, cutting and grilling required to match our exacting standards.

The end result, a nutritious, succulent, flavoursome and perfectly grilled steak...............​

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